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Our End-to-end Software Development Team knows that client commitment and daily engagement are critical success factors when it comes to project delivery.


Founded in 2015, with more than 100 successfully completed projects.

HydraDev has grown year over year to an ever-expanding multi-disciplinary team of world-class talented developers.
We use our extensive experience in talent scouting from an early age and invest heavily in sourcing, training and maintaining our team of expert software developers.


Web Development

● Frontend and Backend

● Tools (React, Django,

Mobile Development

● Mobile Developers

● Tools (React, Django,

AI / DScience

● Data science scientists,
engineer and analyst

● Tools (React, Django,

Critically impact on businesses or people's lives

● Code Review by looking
at Architecture to
understand how the
product is built, its
principles and patterns

1º: Business Engagement

Initial Request Analysis
● NDA signature
● Framework agreement
● Understanding business needs
● Consulting with technical experts
● Team choice and acceptance of business needs
● acceptance of business needs

2º: Project Engagement

Signature of service order
● Signature of framework agreement
● Cooperation with Delivery and Sales
● Understanding high level requirements
● Agreeing on engagement and ramp-up approach

3º: Team Discovery

● Setting up the team and tools
● Audit of existing code, design and infrastructure
● Joint development of specification and project plan
● Risk assessment
● Possible proof of concept

4º: Continuous Team Delivery

● Ongoing communication
● Transparent delivery process – issue tracking
● Quality control
● Pre-agreed ramp-up/ramp-dow


Our Development Team has completed over 40 projects in various tech stacks ranging from Node.js and Python to React Native and native Android

Dental Support Plataform

The web platform aims to help dental support organizations and dental practices manage their dental office supplies inventory and ordering through an easy-to-use interface.
We are helping a growing business with thousands of users across the United States reach a better experience when ordering and tracking dental supplies. The app is constantly evolving and changing, moving ever closer to an e-commerce experience. We want to revolutionize the way dental practices operate with a modern approach to spend management.

Sales Performance App

The mobile app along with the web platform was created to help companies improve revenue and sales performance.
We created a platform that, with the help of AI and nano-training, gives you data to reach the right prospects with the right narrative at the right time. This is accomplished by taking data from the company’s CRM, enriching it and creating an algorithm that provides a view into the accounts and people who are most likely to work with the same. Since salespeople are used to consuming data from multiple sources, this platform brings all data points into one view on the client’s device. This drastically increases the chances of success by accessing curated information contextualized based on the value proposition, it can make all conversations more meaningful with prospects.

Remote Talent Platform

The product makes it easy to hire remote talent and employees anywhere in the world, providing them with access to home comforts such as local healthcare and social contributions while working for a global team.
In the end, we’ve improved on every aspect of the work of multiple teams by delivering a fast and secure API that returns the knowledge they need without needing to go to CMS or other external sources.

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