Dental Support Platform

The product

The web platform aims to help dental support organizations and dental practices manage their dental office supplies inventory and ordering through an easy-to-use interface.

The objective

We were asked to help grow the platform into the different branches of the dental office needs: Request and Ordering, Budgeting, Management, Reports, Integrations with Suppliers, and much more. There were also reworks in UI scaling for mobile and tablet and the addition of new subscription models. As the product has evolved we have also been assigned a small team for expanding the business reach in specific fields.

Tech stack

The base of the platform is Javascript, with the main focus being on Node and React. We use the flexibility of React with many custom-made UI tools to tackle the various challenges of such a big system. We have also integrated with Amazon and Staples just to name a few and we consume data from other third parties, public data sources, and more to help our clients make decisions when purchasing supplies.

The result

We are helping a growing business with thousands of users across the United States reach a better experience when ordering and tracking dental supplies. The app is constantly evolving and changing, moving ever closer to an e-commerce experience. We want to revolutionize the way dental practices operate with a modern approach to spend management.