At HydraDev we develop tailored software for web, mobile and
cross-platform applications for both startups and enterprises.


Defining and outlining the goals and needs for your project is the first step. What tech stacks are needed? What are the deadlines? Budget?

2ºTeam Setup

We also need to discuss what is the number of elements needed, their seniority, and their technical skills. We want to deliver a true extension of your own team.

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The keyword is: Constant Communication. By having a constant and fluid contact, we ensure that you have control of the deliveries or daily tasks.

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By setting (and doing them) all 3 points mentioned, we guarantee that the performance of our teams puts out the best outcome.

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Tell us what you are looking for:

Software Development

We develop 360º software solutions tailored to your needs.


Our team will be commited to the remote development of your IT projects.

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